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FaceOn solution receives "Outstanding IT Products/ Applications  Awards" from ITMonth

FaceOn Logon wins the "Best Choice Awards of Computex Taipei"

FaceOn Software wins the MIT Excellence Award

FaceOn product wins The Best of Taiwan's Best Award at Comdex

Symtron Technology, Inc. is one of the leading global providers of biometrics security solutions. Co-headquartered in Sunnyvale, U.S.A. and Taipei, Taiwan, the company commits to the development and delivery of face recognition technology. The company's applications and solutions for the real-world business include Intelligent Surveillance and Law Enforcement systems, Internet ID Management, and Wireless Security Services.

The use of the latest technology to set up a national security system to fight against terrorist activities is the new war in the 21st Century among all the nations in the world. The current passport verification method used in airport is no longer capable of tracking down terrorists or criminals using face documentations. Furthermore, the traditional security system is ineffective in determining the facial image of criminal beforehand, and the video is only useful for tracking down criminals after the crimes took place.

Symtron launched FaceOn, face recognition products, providing computer user authentication applications, law enforcement and remote intelligent surveillance solutions. FaceOn solution has received international patents. Symtron was proud to be awarded the "Best of Taiwan's Best Award" in COMDEX Fall, the largest exhibition in the global IT industry, the "MIT Excellence Award" in SecuTech, the "Best C
hoice of Computex" Awards, and "the Outstanding IT Applications/Products Awards" of ROC ITMonth.

In order to enhance competitiveness and extend business breadth to fulfill its goal to become a leading world-wide biometrics solution provider, Symtron has had years of experience in building strategic alliances and sales distributions with the leading global corporations, including different industry leaders such as Compaq, Microsoft, I/O Software, Bull, Acer, IBM, SAP, Sun Micro, KKIP, EASTCOM, First National Computer, Secom Taiwan, Rainbow Technologies, etc. and has close relationships with several famous universities for embracing the most advance technology and trend such as Yale University, Illinois University in Champagne, Academia Sinica and National Central University.

Symtron has set its sights on providing value-added consulting services to high-end corporate users. Symtron has formed other consulting teams and is currently expanding the scope of its security solutions and professional services for large corporations. As a result of our business strategy to target Taiwan's largest 500 corporations, Symtron has successfully established a marketing structure, the main client base includes companies such as: Compaq, NTT DoCoMo, Acer, Ricoh, Shinkuan Hospital, Malaysia Government, TSMC, Philips, Macronix, HannStar, OSE, Scino Pharm, Inventec, Delta, Acer, KG Telecom, Walsin Lihwa, Arima, China Trust Bank, and Aurora. 

Security management is a big business in the world, especially nowadays that companies are demanding higher security levels to protect their businesses. Currently, FaceOn has successfully implemented in customers' sites worldwide. Symtron continues working on security solutions using patented facial recognition technology to keep up with the growing trend of Biometrics.



FaceOn Access Control

Provides a reliable alternative to secure gates and doorway that require a higher security level with your face.

FaceOn Time and Attendance

Collects employees' punching records, including real-time photo and face recognition results, will prevent any fraudulent punching.

FaceOn Logon

Protects all proprietary data on your computer with your one and only face to log on and unlock your machine.

FaceOn Surveillance

Integrated with various types of CCTV surveillance system, the system enhances the conventional surveillance system by improving the effectiveness and quality of results.

FaceOn Law Enforcement

FaceOn Law Enforcement, integrated with existing law enforcement information systems, provides a total criminal management solution through building up a digital faceprint database.










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